About us

Maximum assistance and to ensure full coverage of services dedicated to the football world.

Our history

Welcome to the website of World Soccer Agency which is a sports consulting agency founded by Alessandro Lucci, the players’ agent licensed by FIGC. Starting from Serginho, Lucio, Juan and Vucinic following with Bonucci, Cuadrado, Muriel, Florenzi, are just some of international level players managed through counseling provided by the WSA. For many years, the World Soccer Agency has been in the field alongside professional players and sports clubs to offer maximum assistance and to ensure full coverage of services dedicated to the football world.

A philosophy

Our way of thinking and working is based on quality. We are perfectionists, always looking for the best in each detail. In the World Soccer Agency everyone has its own dedicated expertise to ensure maximum results, professionalism and confidentiality. Passion and commitment, as well as availability and direct contact with each athlete. Innovation and speed of each service with a specific goal: have the player at the center of it all.

More than a football

Becoming part of the World Soccer Agency means living a personal experience, and then professional. It means discovering a structure capable of promoting the talent of each athlete in all of his components. It is crucial for us the spirit of belonging to the group and the human aspect is the primary prerequisite for collaboration. We try to establish a deep relationship with our athletes, based on respect, trust and assiduous.

Founded by
Alessandro Lucci

Born in Rome on 17/07/1965.
FIFA agent since 2003, he founded the WSA, World Soccer Agency, a leading agency on the world scene that manages a wealth of top international players. In 2014 he was awarded the “best sports agent” award by the Italian Sport Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of football players’ agents. In 2017 he was nominated as “Best Agent of the Year 2017” at the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards.

WSA in the world

Over the years, the WSA has strengthened its leadership on the world scene, offering its professional sports consultancy and international scouting services through its offices in London, Rio De Janeiro and Montevideo, the latter in partnership with Pablo Boselli’s GBG, which also sees protagonists in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

The task of the WSA is to look after the interests and manage the image of players and clubs operating all over the world by offering assistance and ensuring total coverage of the European and world territory, allowing its clients to focus exclusively on the sporting aspect.

Our Rewards